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data alarm RS232

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by mcgiver, Aug 24, 2005.

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  1. mcgiver

    mcgiver Guest

    Hello this is what I bought the DATALM from B&B Electronics to alert
    maintenance to downed communications. Know when you've got incoming
    data. Simply place the Data Alarm in the data line you want to monitor.
    It has DB25 female and male connectors with all 25 lines passing
    straight through so it can easily be added to any existing system. It
    can be set to detect data or absence of data on TD or RD on RS-232
    communication lines, or the strobe on parallel communications. When the
    alarm condition is met, an LED turns on and a relay is tripped. Three
    Relay Terminals are provided - Common, Normally Closed or Normally Open
    positions. An audio alarm can be enabled to sound at the same time. The
    relay and alarm can be set to sound for a minimum period of time
    ranging from 1 second to indefinitely. A reset button is used to turn
    off the alarm.
    Measuring only 1.32"H x 2.40"W x 4.60"L, it fits easily next to your
    computer or printer. Requires 11 to 16 VDC at 80 mA. Power supply not
    included. Recommended Power Supply: 232PS 120VAC/60Hz to 12VDC @ 100mA,
    2.5 mm plug, (+) Tip (UL/CSA approved).

    B&B Electronics
    707 Dayton Road · PO Box 1040 · Ottawa, IL 61350
    T 815-433-5100 F 815-433-5109

    this unit is no longer available from B&B i got the last one
    my question is where can i get more or the schematic to make it or have
    it made
    any help would be greatly apprenticed thanks

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