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daewoo TV overscan problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by stralis440, Feb 19, 2005.

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  1. stralis440

    stralis440 Guest

    Went to a mates house the other day and noticed his TV was suffering
    the worst overscan I`ve ever seen. He says it`s always been like it
    and thought it was the norm!! Picture on TV is very good and he`s
    reluctant to spend on a new one (wifey putting foot down I reckon).
    Anyway, Model is Daewoo 3210egb. I think it`s a bit of an oddball
    model as I can`t find any listings anywhere for the service menu.
    Hoping someone here can help me out so I can tweek it for him. I`ve
    done it before on other tv`s succesfully.
  2. Guest

    How old? Daewoo didn't start using service menu's until after 2001 or
    They are so cheaply designed, they still pretty much use internal pots
    for the one or two adjustments they provide. Odds are very slim that
    there is a horizontal size adjustment on it.
  3. stralis440

    stralis440 Guest

    It`s around 18 months old. He says it`s out of warranty so it`s over a
    year old, but I know it`s less than 2 years old as he didn`t have it
    when I fitted his satellite about 2 years ago.
  4. Art

    Art Guest

    Probably a power supply related problem, or HV regulation, unless the pix is
    bowed in towards the centre from the sides, then it would be pin-cushion
    related. Try the set on a Variac and lower the input AC, see if the raster
    is stretched both directions (Vert and Horiz) or just Horiz. Then go from
  5. stralis440

    stralis440 Guest

    Got to admit, the picture itself is spot on. Very sharp, clear with
    good colour and no distortion/bowing. Lowering the voltage distorts
    the picture slightly, then makes it go darker before failing. No real
    alteration to picture geometry. I would say it`s a geometry fault as
    the picture jumps to the right when I change the satellite receiver
    from PAL to RGB. Personally I`d let it have an "accident" and replace
    it with a real TV but my mate likes it. No accounting for taste :)
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