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Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Electronics Student, Jul 7, 2004.

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  1. hi guys!
    i need to design DAC. Its input will be pulse from function generator
    and output will be sine wave with 1khz freq. and as high amplitude as
    possible. so can some one guide me regarding to this? any comments
    will help!!
    or if u dont mind designing circuit for me that would be gread ;-)
    Bye all!
    waiting for reply!
  2. CFoley1064

    CFoley1064 Guest

    Subject: DAC
    Hello, Electronics Student. You need a better description of your problem. If
    the input is an analog signal (pulse generator) and the output is an analog
    signal (sine wave), then you don't really have a DAC (digital-to-analog

    If your input is dependent on pulse amplitude, pulse width or frequency, or a
    combination of those, you might want to convert the input into a proportional
    DC voltage and feed that into a multiplier IC whose other input is a constant
    amplitude sine wave. The output of the multiplier will be a sine wave whose
    amplitude is dependent on your variable DC input voltage.

    If this doesn't do the job, how about taking a few seconds and thinking about
    what you want, and then concisely describe it?

    Good luck
  3. Hank

    Hank Guest

    I will take a stab at this:

    [Function Gen Set to 1khz sine wave]------piece of wire-----output

    You may have the circuit components in your junkbox...22 gauge wire should work
    just fine.

    I have mixed feelings about having done this assignment for you, since it is
    probably for a class
    and you should really be doing it yourself. But oh well...hope you get an A.
  4. Ben Bradley

    Ben Bradley Guest

    What does DAC stand for? Digital to Alternating Current?
    Let's see, Tesla coil? No, those are usually 1MHz, not 1kHz...
  5. That begs the question what the highest possible amplitude of a 1kHz
    sine wave would be (assuming amplitude = voltage). Is there an entry in
    the guinness book of records? Is there a limit to what you can achieve
    with a transformer?
    You mean it would be greed?!
  6. Ben Bradley

    Ben Bradley Guest

    I'm really thinking about this Tesla coil idea... how big would it
    have to be (and what size capacitor) to resonate at 1kHz? What voltage
    could reasonably be obtained? 10^6 volts, surely. 10^8 volts?
    Power distribution gets up around 10^6V at 60Hz, and AFAIK they
    don't even use resonant transformers.
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