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Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by [email protected], Jan 6, 2005.

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    I am looking for a digital to anagogue converter which can be used on
    the road with my computer. I frequently come to hotels where the
    telephone systems are digitalized. On the other hand a lot of them have
    no LAN facility, so one is referred to use the telephone line and a
    modem to check mail with the computer.
    however, as long as the lines are digital, the inteface from the
    computer to the telephone system is non-compatable, unless one uses a
    box that converts digital signals to analogue signals. With such a box,
    the modem may work and connection be established readily.

    I have asked a dealer in Denmark who says that there is no such
    all-purpose DAC box that one may carry in the gear for computer
    accessories, because each digitalized phone system have its own more or
    less dedicated converter box. And the wish to even find something
    compact, light weight and flexible is out of the question.

    So, does anyone know about an all-purpose, light weight DAC box that
    may be used so as to ensure compatability between digitalized phone
    systems (like in hotels) and the PC modem interface.
    John Heilbrunn
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    Sorry I hit wrong button.
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    Thanks! This seems to be just what we were looking for.
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