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DAC 2008: The 45th Annual Design Automation Conference 2008

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Oct 5, 2007.

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    DAC 2008: The 45th Annual Design Automation Conference 2008

    When: Jun 9, 2008 - Jun 13, 2008
    Where: Anaheim, CA, USA
    Submission Deadline: Nov 19, 2007

    Call For Papers

    DAC 2008 is seeking papers that deal with design tools, design
    methods, design techniques, and embedded design in a number of
    categories described below.
    Design Tools papers describe contributions to the research and
    development of design tools and their supporting algorithms.

    Design Methods and Case Studies papers describe innovative
    methodologies for the design of electronic circuits and systems, as
    well as creative experiences with design automation in state-of-the-
    art design projects.

    Design Techniques papers describe the use of design tools and methods
    from the perspective of a specific design project. They include a
    brief description of the design and discussion of: methodology, flow,
    innovative use of tools, the limits of current tools, and what new
    tool capabilities are required for future designs.

    Embedded Systems papers are characterized by mixed hardware and
    software components with limited resources. Increases in software
    content introduce new system design issues.

    Embedded Design papers describe tools, methods, and case studies for
    applications with specific embedded system content.

    Wireless is the theme topic for DAC 2008. Papers that specifically
    target wireless related design, verification, test and implementation
    issues will be highlighted at the conference.

    Oct. 1 SUBMIT a Panel, Tutorial & Special Session
    Oct. 18 Reviewer Registration Opens
    Oct. 15 SUBMIT a Regular Paper, Student Design Contest or WACI
    Nov. 1 Panel, Tutorial & Special Session DEADLINE: 5pm MDT
    Nov. 19 Regular & WACI papers, DEADLINE: 5pm MST
    Dec. 5 Student Design Contest papers, DEADLINE: 5pm MST
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