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D1262 B - What is this - PLEASE HELP NEWBIE

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Maytin, Aug 10, 2004.

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  1. Maytin

    Maytin Guest

    I have an electronic component part inside a regulator/rectifier from a
    Honda motorcycle manufactured 1990.
    The electronic component part has a number D1262B. It is a black "chip" 10mm
    square and 1mm deep. Looks like 2 wires - one from either side.

    Do you have a replacement part number?
    do you have the specifications of the original part?

    Kind Regards, MARTIN
  2. Chaos Master

    Chaos Master Guest

    Hey Maytin ()! You wrote in message
    2SD1262 transistor from PANASONIC?

    (link may wrap, if so, Google for '2SD1262').

  3. Maytin

    Maytin Guest

    Thanks for the advise Chaos Master - BUT it's none of these...... any other
    ideas please.
    Chip looks like it has an "M" or "N" in a circle.


  4. Tim Wescott

    Tim Wescott Guest

    By "one from either side" do you mean

    +-----+===== +-----+
    | | or ___| |___ ?
    | | | |
    +-----+===== +-----+

    A stylized "M" inside of a circle is the old Motorola logo -- check the
    upper left corner of

    If there's really two conductors and it's really from Motorola it's
    probably a diode, but that's an odd package -- 2 or 3mm deep would make
    it a 2-lead TO-220, but 1mm is just too thin. It could be a capacitor
    or something like that, but not from Motorola!
  5. Maytin

    Maytin Guest

    Tim - Appreciate your assistance - it looks like this...

    | M |============ Lead
    | |
    Lead === | D1262B |
    | |

    The "M" or "N" is in a circle. It is not a stylized "M" inside of a circle
    as is the old Motorola logo.
    The package could be 2-3mm deep (it is emeded in black pitch of the Honda RR
    and I can see 1mm above the pitch - sorry for my previous lack of clarity)

    Any other thoughts? TIA.

    Kind Regards, MARTIN

  6. This is all messed up. You're probably not using Courier font.
  7. Start try these logos:



  8. Tim Wescott

    Tim Wescott Guest

    I fear that you've dried up my brain. About all I can say at this point
    is that it's not a "normal" component -- it's either some normal thing
    in an oddball package because of its automotive or Japanese origins, or
    it's some peculiar thing that Honda had made up just for the regulator.
  9. Brian A

    Brian A Guest

    Well, if it has only two leads, I doubt it's a 2SD1262 transistor.
    My guesses would be:
    1) A fuse or thermal cutout
    2) An MOV or other transient suppressor or filter
    3) A crystal
    4) A bizarre capacitor
    5) A diode (but only if it has some kind of polarity marking)

  10. Maytin

    Maytin Guest

    Thank you all who offered help.
    I tried to get the replacement part before digging into the pitch that
    surrounds this and other components (non destructive investigation to repair
    or copy). Now is time for drastic action - I'll let you know. Put a watch on
    this subject line! (smile)
  11. Maytin

    Maytin Guest

    Hi Per-Åke Andersson - Thank you - logo on part is definatly the oldest
    Matsushita Semiconductors logo.
    I cant find who to email to to ask about this old component (pre 1990). Any
    Kind Regards, MARTIN
  12. regulator.

    Someone mentioned Matsushita. Some Matsushita or Panasonic parts have
    an 'M' inside a square with rounded corners, and the 'feet' of the M are
    pigeon-toed, i.e. have their toes turned inward.
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