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D-PAK Heat dissipation

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Vladimir Vassilevsky, Jun 19, 2008.

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  1. Hello All,

    There is a D-PAK on the top of the PCB. The heatsink plane is attached
    to the bottom of the PCB. How much power could be possible to dissipate
    at this D-PAK, i.e. what would be the ballpark of Rt ?

    The PCB is double sided 2oz 1.5mm FR-4. The area of the solid copper
    around the part is 1 on the top and bottom. It is possible to put
    as many plated vias as we want. The heatsink plane temperature can be
    considered to be uniform; the Rt is 2C/W.

    Vladimir Vassilevsky
    DSP and Mixed Signal Design Consultant
  2. What maximum temperature rise are you willing to tolerate?

    There are DPAK SMD heatsinks which can help, ses a thread a few weeks back.

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