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Cypress HOTLink communication monitor.

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Cristian210273, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. Hi design gurus!

    Sorry if the question sounds silly, but I'm a newbie in the field.....
    I need to monitor the HOTLink communication between two devices.
    Following some questions:

    1) Can this communication be monitored without acquiring the signal in
    input and put immediately in output (i.e. without filtering it with

    2) Is there any commercial product having LINUX drivers?

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Guest

    IIRC, this is a fairly old chipset (10 yrs +) that enabled some sort
    of high speed link. It used 10b/8b encoding.
    250MBps I think.
    Just for fun I'd use an active FET probe with 2-3GHz bandwidth and a
    50 ohm out.
    Probe the hotlink channel with the FET and feed a hotlink chip
    directly with the probe output, assuming there's no nasty DC on there.
    Have the hotlink chip barf its bytes into a big SRAM and read them out
    It's a PHY layer only, so you would have to know what you're looking
    at and interpret the data yourself.
  3. Guest

    Hi Cristian,

    Not sure if you came up with anything yet, if not, my company has a
    Hotlink Serial Link Analyzer that we lease and sell. It was developed
    by our engineers for their own use, and we started getting requests
    for it so we now offer it as a product. You can read about it at the
    link below.

    Feel free to email me with any questions about it:

    Tim Keller
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