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Cyberhome CH-LDV 700B

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by payoubi, Jul 28, 2005.

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  1. payoubi

    payoubi Guest

    I have a Cyberhome CH-LDV 700B portable DVD player with a broken DC
    input jack inwhich the little post inside the jack that connects t
    the "female" powercord has broken off (kids!).

    I'd like to replace the jack, which is soldered onto the main board.

    Here is the best description I can give of the jack itself:

    1) It is a small black plastic rectangular-shape with what appears t
    be a removable, snap-down cove
    2) It measures about 9mm Long by 6mm Wide by 5mm High
    3) The opening for the plug is 3mm in diameter on one 6x5mm en
    4) There are three straight wire leads on the opposite 6x5mm en
    running through the board and soldered onto the back side. All thre
    conductors are arranged in a straight line on the 'bottom' of th
    5) There are two short, small plastic posts which align to two smal
    holes through the circuit board near the opening to prevent shiftin
    of the jack when attaching the power cord
    6) The input voltage is listed as DC 9V, 2.2A in the manua
    7) The brick itself has no markings, but the circuit board has the
    following text: "M1 94V-O 001-4599" or "M1 94V-0 001-4599" on one sid
    and "Ldb711B_AMP_0110 REV:2.1

    I would like to locate a replacement DC jack and solder it on myself.
    I am having a terrible time locating the part. (CyberHome is NO
    helping at all!) Have tried or and Any useful suggestions would be most appreciate
    and thank you in advance.

  2. Clive Tobin

    Clive Tobin Guest

    I am guessing this is surface mount if it is late model stuff, but if
    it has stiffening pins maybe not. The Mouser page that has this type is

    If not they have several similar pages for through-hole parts, you need
    to click on Connectors, then DC Power Jacks, then there are several
    pages of stuff of different brands. Besides the type of mounting, you
    need to measure the pin on the power jack to find the diameter, or if
    it is lost you can estimate from looking at the power cord. You need to
    measure the outside diameter of the plug also. There are many possible

    It is unlikely that they would have picked a custom DC jack when there
    is such a variety of standard ones available.
  3. payoubi

    payoubi Guest

    Thanks for your reply.

    What a ride this has been. Cyberhome wants $140 for a $1 part!!!

    Found the part at Singatro
    ( but they don'
    sell the public. Contacted one of their largest distributer
    (Digi-key). ALthougth they have been very great, this is a specia
    order and they prob. cannot get just one or two for me. So close an
    yet so far.........

    I think i found the DC jack at where i can order just on
    or tw
    and so i ordered it. Hope it is the right one

    THanks again for your suggestion
    I am now patiently waiting for the next step of thi
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