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Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by jakdedert, Sep 5, 2008.

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  1. jakdedert

    jakdedert Guest

    There have been a few discussions over the years here about multi-tools;
    those little all-in-one gadgets we carry around that can do almost
    anything. My favorite is the Gerber line of products. I have several,
    and I abuse them severely.

    So it's no wonder that they break occasionally.

    I emailed Gerber yesterday afternoon concerning three of my tools that I
    need serviced. One had a completely broken jaw, the other had a couple
    of bits broken off and the third was the original 'hand-biter' model
    discontinued years ago.

    Long story short, all three are covered under their lifetime warranty.
    I had a reply within an hour. They're sending me a new plier kit for
    the first one--gratis--along with instructions. The second, they will
    repair for free, but won't send me the parts. Fair enough. The third,
    which was just basically worn out, and not particularly well-engineered
    in the first place--they will replace with an equivalent current model
    for the cost of shipping it to them.

    Because I had remarked that this third one had some sentimental value,
    they said send it in, they'd replace it AND send it back to me,
    unobtrusively marked to prevent it being replaced again.


    I don't know what the repair policies are for other brands of
    multi-tools. I do know that I've tried most of the others and prefer
    the Gerber...mostly for the 'instant on', one-handed operation of the

    This just seals it for me...the Zippo of modern tool manufacturers.

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