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Curious about USB

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Thomas A. Horsley, Feb 8, 2005.

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  1. Just for curiosity, how big a pain in the patoot is it to build a custom
    device of some kind with a USB interface on it (curious about both 2.0 and
    older USB standards).

    How about a commercial device? Are there fantasticly expensive licenseing
    and/or certification processes to go through?

    (I hasten to add I have no plans at all, I'm just curious about the process
    - don't contact me if you are a USB developer looking for a job :).
    --email: icbm: Delray Beach, FL |
    <URL:> Free Software and Politics <<==+
  2. tkirk

    tkirk Guest

    You can purchase components and system-on-chip type solutions that make
    the hardware design for USB extremely simple for anyone that knows how
    to design and build electronics circuits. Using these parts also
    eliminates any need for licensing or certification for compatibility
    with computers. The more difficult part is writing the firmware and PC
    drivers that meet the specific needs of your device. For simple
    interfaces, the drivers built in to Microsoft Windows will usually
    suffice, and the firmware could be written and tested in a day or two
    by a qualified engineer or developer, for a total system cost of less
    than $2,000 total for engineering/development time, plus about $5-$10
    per board you build in parts for the USB chips (assuming you're talking
    low quantities, like between 1 and 100). More complex interfaces and
    devices might require complex firmware or custom PC drivers, and then
    you're talking about some pretty high development costs. If it is a
    really simple system, you could probably do it yourself, using a
    pre-made USB conversion kit board, and a few days learning how to do
    the customizations to the firmware required.

    Tim Kirk

    Electronics Design Engineer

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