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CTX 1772A Monitor

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by R!, Aug 1, 2007.

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  1. R!

    R! Guest

    I need info on where to get a "free" diagram for the CTX 1772A Monitor.

    Is there a free monitor repair forum / board or newsgroup?

    I have one that shuts itself down when changing resolutions:

    Works ok at 1024 x 768

    Works ok at 800 x 600

    Shuts down at any lower resolution....such as 640 x 480...

    This causes problems during bootup the monitor will shutdown during all
    the resolution changes....turn off and back on when the resolution can use it until you change the resolution.

    I would think a capacitor in the horizontal / HV circuit is bad.

    Possibly some sort of switching failure...or regulation problem...

    Probably will be tossed...Just trying to help someone out...


    any help apreciated!!

  2. R!

    R! Guest

    I guess I will send it to the curb...


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