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crystal radios

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Matt Hare, Aug 11, 2004.

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  1. Matt Hare

    Matt Hare Guest

    hi all,
    i was wondering what are some ways people have made there crystal
    radios just wanting ideas for when i make mine

    thanks in advance

  2. Googling for "crystal set" and schematics literally comes up with thousands of

    Wing Wong.

    FAQs about me:
    Are you looking for work and do you want to work for us?
    Yes, but only if it pays.
  3. The electronics kits from Dick Smith (eg 50 in 1 kits etc) just about
    always have a crystal radio as one of the projects.

  4. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker Guest

    1. Build it in a matchbox
    2. Build it in a lipstick container
    3. Build it on a frame loop antenna (so you don't need an external one)
    4. Build it on a polyethylene chopping board
    5. Build it as an accessory to provide your stereo amp with a wideband tuner
    6. Design it well so it can drive a speaker (apparently it can be done)
    7. Build it in a plastic drink container
    8. Try making it shortwave

    And when you're bored of this, make it a regenerative set and get heaps more
    stations. Heaps of possibilities!
  5. Matt Hare

    Matt Hare Guest

    hi all,
    thats what i was after the ideas peter gave as i was curious to see
    how people have made there crystal rados but thanks to those who have help

  6. Albm&ctd

    Albm&ctd Guest

    When I was a kid I cheated and used a germanium diode in mine :)
    I've still got that diode somewhere... shoot me.

  7. atec

    atec Guest

    would if I could get close enough , your lost ?.
  8. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker Guest

    Hundreds. Heaps of stuff on the xtal set society website.

    Start with a basic no-frills crystal set and improve from there. Note that
    miniature xtal sets with small coils, etc don't work as well as full-size

  9. Albm&ctd

    Albm&ctd Guest

    Even worse, did you ever make one with a cats whisker? I didn't.
    I probably have an article about it somewhere, how to build an
    authentic set. All the moving... things tend to get thrown out or lost

    I actually got SW VOA with a small amplifier on my crystal radio and
    lots of aerial wire... around the time of the moon walk.

    No competetion to Parkes of course :)

    2004 insult page awaits your contribution
  10. atec

    atec Guest

    blue razor blade , 44 years ago , but I was very very young . the older
    kid next door helped a lot
  11. Trevor Woods

    Trevor Woods Guest

    I have an old Electronics Australia magazine somewhere that has an article
    on making a crystal set using a razor blade and lead from a pencil for the
    detector. One wire was connected to the razor blade using a paper clip and
    the other wire to the pencil lead. The pencil lead was then positioned so
    that it touched the razor blade. You moved it around till you found the best
    spot. I seem to remember it saying it couldn't be stainless steel blades,
    but some earlier type I think.
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