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CRT TV Blowing fuse

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Feb 3, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    1995 27in Quasar made by Panasonic blew fuse. Not hit by lightning as
    other devices not hurt and owner home when happened. Very handy and
    trying to fix myself. Online indicates high probability degauss
    posistor. Trying to disable per instructions. What does this look like
    and where might it be located? Other suggestions? Thanks
  2. Jerry G.

    Jerry G. Guest

    Because of the nature of your question, you should not be working
    inside of your TV set.
    This involves servicing the power supply section. The voltages and
    current levels used in these TV sets can be dangerious. If not
    properly serviced, there is also the chance of fire hazard, and safety

    Usualy, a blowing fuse is from failed components that are causing the
    pulling of too much current. Proper trouble shooting is necessary to
    service the set, and get it working again.

    I would suggest you find out who the local Sony service rep is for
    your area, and let them give you a quotation so that you can make an
    intelligent decision if the set is worth to be service.

    Usualy, when a set is more than about 5 to 7 years old, they are not
    worth to service. There is a chance for other things to fail.

    Jerry G.
  3. b

    b Guest

    Jerry G. ha escrito:
    thats a bit pessimistic jerry. I regularly fix tvs many of which are
    older than that vintage and have very few callbacks. Provided it's
    given a good once over, especially checking soldering and caps, then
    theres no reason why it shouldnt last a few more years.
    In this case it would be silly to toss an otherwise good tv for want
    of a posistor worth about 1€.

    To the OP: look for a little 2 or 3 legged cube or small rectangle
    very near the mains input point on the main pcb. This is the posistor
    - what you need to check. ( nearby there will be a plug with leads
    going to a cable with what looks like black tape, wrapped round the
    outside edge of the tube.)

    Before digging around, unplug the set and leave for a few days so the
    mains capacitor will have discharged. (best not to touch it just in
    case). Desolder the posistor and try the set again. I would remove the
    fuse and solder a 60- 100 watt bulb across the terminals. if it glows
    very bright then you still have a dead short. if it flashes then goes
    out then you've probably found the fault.

    good luck and be careful. Ben-
  4. Guest

    Thanks. Would the device have markings like 5ROM then circle m57.
    Plastic box taller than wider. There's a few devices between it and
    line cord. Appreciate the safety comments and help. Set unpowered for
    4 days. Would like to use a digital volt/ohm meter instead of light or
    fuse? What should I look for? Voltage, amps, ohms? Thanks again.
  5. me

    me Guest

    wrote in
    To test if it is the problem you could unplug the degaussing coil and see
    if the fuse still blows.
  6. *Snip*
    You are misunderstanding the purpose of the light. The 60-100W bulb should
    be wired in place of the original fuse in the tv so that it limits the
    current to the set and works as a resistor in case the fault still exsits.

    It sounds that you probably need to do some more learning before you jump
    into working on television sets. They can be quite dangerous.

    Read this

    - Mike
  7. Guest

    Thanks. So I get a light bulb socket and run wire from fuse connection
    to one side of light socket and do the same on other side. To your
    point bulb acts as a resistor.
  8. b

    b Guest

    that is true.
    try the bulb, and unplug the degauss coil I mentioned earlier. plug in
    tv, see what happens, but unplug damn quick if the bulb stays on.
  9. Guest

    Thanks. This is a chassis ALEDC246. Have original blown fuse. How can
    you tell slow blow from fast blow? Thanks
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