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crt socket spark gap arcing

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by xamman, Nov 18, 2006.

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  1. xamman

    xamman Guest

    Hi! my philips 28" tv which was giving erratic picture and making a
    buzzing sparking sound.
    from usenet posts & faq, found the noise was coming from the crt
    i carefully opened the crt socket & cleaned contact which clamp on the
    input wire.this socket had a spark gap built in with 2 metal
    hemispheres. on 1 side of the spark gap i noticed a tiny glob of metal
    which fell off on cleaning.
    TV is now working. No more sparking noise! but the picture is slightly
    less focused - it is hard to read tiny text (like satellite channel
    info) on the screen. & there is a very faint narrow almost horizontal
    line every inch over the entire screen.

    what cause the socket failure?
    what is causing this line?
    did i need to re set the focus after cleaning the socket?

    Many thanks
  2. Guest

    probably just dirt on the thing caused it to arc.
    retrace. Just turn the brightness knob down very slightly and it'll go
    away in many cases.
    sounds like it. Use an insulated tool!

  3. xamman

    xamman Guest

    thanks for the tips. I set the focus & brightness from crt neck & now
    picture is as good as new!

    however i would like to determine if that tiny glob of metal on the
    spark gap is due to a failing or weak part somewhere else on the TV

    what components could contribute to this?


  4. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Glob of metal? Could it be a leftover blob of solder that worked its way
    in there?
  5. xamman

    xamman Guest

    thx for your reply but there are no soldered parts in the vicinity of
    the spark gap inside the socket. it looks like molecules from the
    metal hemispheres of the spark gap have contributed to form the glob.

    the glob was in the centre of one of the hemis, the one the focus wire
    attaches to.

  6. xamman

    xamman Guest

  7. Guest


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