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CRT monitor acting like an LCD !?

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by (Just) Allan, Dec 11, 2005.

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  1. (Just) Allan

    (Just) Allan Guest

    I have a 21" Dell CRT monitor. About a third of the way from the top
    of the screen there is a horizontal line - just like you see when an
    entire line of pixels fails on an LCD monitor. It's only very faint
    at the moment. The line is dead still (doesn't roll with the refresh
    rate) and it is (obviously) more noticeable when the screen is white
    or the white mouse pointer is positioned so the line passes through

    What would cause this kind of fault !?

  2. Wayne

    Wayne Guest

    HI, you will find there is also a horizontal 'line' about a third of
    the way from the bottom. These are support wires for the aperture
    grill. All Sony Trinitron CRT monitors have these 'lines'.

    From a Google search...

    Why do Trinitron monitors have one or two thin lines stretching across
    the width of the screen?

    A single 'damper wire' (or two wires for bigger screen
    monitors) is placed horizontally across the vertical stripes of the
    Trinitron Aperture Grille. This holds the grille in place and limits
    possible vibration. Generally, the line is not visible, although it
    may be seen against a white background.

  3. Thats normal for a Sony tube. My HP Monitor Has them as well...

  4. (Just) Allan

    (Just) Allan Guest

    Yep, you're both right - I bought a new system and had the choice of a
    17" LCD for ~$450, but then saw the secondhand 21" Dell CRT for um...
    $180 I think it was. I'm *sure* the lines weren't there for an entire
    week. I only noticed the second line after posting the message. It
    just made no sense (surely the line should move or oscillate in SOME

    I wonder if they all have this - probably not I guess, or they
    wouldn't have sold many.

  5. Ray

    Ray Guest

    I suggest you research Trinitron monitors and you will find the answer
    lies within - hint "shadow line".

  6. (Just) Allan

    (Just) Allan Guest

    As long as it's not a real fault, I'm happy I guess. I don't suppose
    there's a way to minimise it at all? (I own a degaussing wand - don't
    suppose it would do much.) I wonder if the wire becomes more visible
    over time because of corrosion/contamination.
  7. (Just) Allan

    (Just) Allan Guest

    Yeah, I turned off the other one - although I thought it could still
    be induction - but the other guys are right - there are two lines, so
    it sound like they nailed it.
  8. Michael C

    Michael C Guest

    They are all like this, have been for many years and they've sold plenty.
    You don't notice them unless you are looking for them. I'd completely
    forgotten about mine and hadn't noticed them for a year until you reminded
    me. Thanks a lot ;-)

  9. atec

    atec Guest

    I have two digital 21" and an IBM 21" on the desk . all share the same
    tube as yours and all have the lines . use a darker background and
    forget it .
  10. Tom Smyth

    Tom Smyth Guest

    You're kidding? Mine has that. I thought I inherited a piece of junk.

    In it's day it was a professional quality monitor with Trinitron tube. And
    it is supposed to have faint lines across the screen?

    Also I can't get the image square using the OSD, and apparently there is no
    service mode.
  11. Rudolf

    Rudolf Guest

    Look up Trinitron on the Internet. This will explain why you have the lines.

    Realistically, working with monitor like that you will stop noticing them
    very quickly.

    As for getting picture square, there should be adjustments for it. Some
    monitors have service mode, some have service port and you need special
    hardware/software to access it. Some have internal pots. Most SONYs had the
    service port, so only SONY service center can help you there. When I had
    SONY for repairs and they needed asjustments I usually soldered in couple of

  12. GB

    GB Guest

    I had never noticed the lines in the big Trinitron that I work with
    every day, until a friend said "Ahh, Trinitron, yes, once I point out
    those two black lines to you, you'll never be able to ignore them

    I could have killed her right there and then!

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