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Crossover vs EQ...

Discussion in 'Beginner Electronics' started by Just_me, Jul 7, 2003.

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  1. Just_me

    Just_me Guest

    Looking for some advise on CAR AUDIO...

    I have a MTX crossover hooked up to gain more bass through my WOOFERS..
    Now I am considering buy a EQ with a built in crossover...
    The model I have chosen has seperate for MIDs, Highs and LOWS...

    Now the store selling this ITEM says this is better than the crossover...

    I went to a CAR AUDIO place - and they say that the Cross over is better....

    Can anyone help !!!

  2. Can anyone help !!!

    Try a car audio newsgroup such as or

  3. Just_me

    Just_me Guest

    OK thanx....

  4. Fast Eddy

    Fast Eddy Guest

    In other words, he either doesn't know or cannot be bothered to tell you...

    Other than that, I, myself, would prefer the electronic crossover.

    More expensive to connect because you will need 3 separate amps.

    The passive crossovers take some power away from the signal and are not as
    some power also being lost as heat..

    May not be the best info but at least I bothered

  5. Just_me

    Just_me Guest

    Thanx - Muchly appreciated
  6. Bob

    Bob Guest

    Another thing is that you will be able to change things like crossover
    frequencies and gain.
    this is difficult with passive crossovers.... :)
  7. stan

    stan Guest

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