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Cross-Regulation vs Transient Response?...SMPS for Audio

Discussion in 'Audio' started by eem2am, Sep 18, 2011.

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  1. eem2am


    Aug 3, 2009
    Regarding Full or half bridge SMPS for audio, (with split +/- output rails) Does any reader know :-

    1. What percentage of the output inductors should be coupled.?

    2. How to get good transient response , in spite of having coupled inductors.?
    (-because coupled inductors improves cross-regulation, but worsens transient response)

    The entire reason that the Audio world is slow to adopt SMPS power supplies, is due to the mystery surrounding the coupling of the output inductors in the split rail audio supply rails.

    For example, a full-bridge, offline smps would have dual +/- outputs, and in order to get good cross-regulation, one couples the two output inductors.

    ....but there is a trade off..becuase if 100% coupling is chosen, then transient response worsens.

    So, does any reader know what percentage of the output inductors should be coupled?

    This is the gaurded secret that will unlock the floodgates for mass adoption of SMPS for audio.... the moment it is out!
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