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critical mufflers?

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by Robert Morein, Feb 6, 2005.

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  1. I know the term "critical muffler", but does this imply a design, or a
    performance standard?

    Are critical mufflers available for small engine applications, ie., in
    compact packages for 1.5" exhaust pipes on small air-cooled diesels?

    Suppose I add a critical muffler to a small, unbaffled, aircooled diesel
    rated at 77dB/23 feet?
    Will it provide significant additional quieting, given that the engine block
    radiates significant noise?
  2. m Ransley

    m Ransley Guest

    I dont know the term Critical but yes a good muffler will significantly
    reduce noise. Not all mufflers are the same. Db reduction varies on
    size and design. Some power will be lost.
  3. SQLit

    SQLit Guest

    I have never seen a critical silencer/muffler on small engines. Mostly 40 kw
    and above for applications where noise is an issue. The housing and the
    muffler work together to quiet the produced sound. Check out one of your
    local rental yards look at the towed gensets from Mulitquip. Mulitquip has
    some that I have rented that are really quiet even under full load.
  4. paul v birke

    paul v birke Guest

    to revive a previous theme of mine re active noise reduction

    there has been some work on an active noise reduction system applied to

    such technology should be cabable of reductions on the order of 10 to 15
    dBa since the system is somewhat closed for the electronic control
    volume which is then modified.

    One need to basically take care to two things, the hot air flow exiting
    the pipe and the round or elliptical type surface that could propagate
    sound of its surface. one needs to modulate or control both the air
    flow and the surface features.

    However this could be done and maybe has

    cost is another issue and likely the critical issue (no pun intended) as
    one needs to obtain the technology at some kind of reasonable cost.

    however nerual network and fuzzy control technology have advanced and
    there maybe is good hardware these days to do the job.

    Paul (EE)
  5. I have a 5.5 kw Chinese 3600 rpm aircooled diesel, in a tight baffled
    enclosure, which is actually in the class of "quiet" diesels. I have been
    told by an independent source that in that case, just throwing some flex
    hose on the exhaust will make it very unobtrusive. Therefore, with
    sufficient intricateness, an aircooled diesel can be quieted, but I would
    agree with you that it is virtually impossible to do as a home project.

    The question, however regards a military 2KW aircooled open frame unit,
    quite a number of which are being surplused now. Because my "stationary" AGM
    batteries do not like to be bulk charged, preferring instead constant
    voltage, it's very difficult to get them to float in a reasonable period of
    time. This 2KW unit would fill a gap in my lineup, providing better fuel

    The unit is rated at 77 dB @ 7 meters, and is optimistically described as
    "noise attenuated." The particular unit is 28VDC, which is attractive to me.

    I suppose they are being surplused in favor of quieter units. Does anybody
    know what the military is using for field power these days?
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