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Crimped and soldered terminals

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Phil Scott, Feb 10, 2006.

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  1. Phil Scott

    Phil Scott Guest

    In corrosive environments, stranded wire will corrode into the
    crimmped terminal and around the wire, insulating the wire
    from the terminal slightly causing it to burn, then fail..
    thats common.

    Accordingly battery cable manufacturers most often solder
    their wire into the crimped terminal ends.

    This practice is seen pervasively in marine environments on
    both low amperage control circuits, and on power circuits.

    Use of solder on power circuit terminals however has many
    problems, namely the solder melting out of the joint if the
    wire warms too much...and extrusion of the solder under
    compressive stress if screw connectors are used.. the military
    specs some are referring to cover that aspect... but not the
    other aspects.

    Use of solder in an already crimped terminal serves to
    increase the electrical contact area, thats good, and to
    preclude corrosive gases, vapors and oils from the joint (by
    wicking up the bare wire).... that is seen commonly be the
    cause of failure in those situations.

    For the last 100 years... and currently.... most if not all
    controls systems and component manufacturers dip wire ends in
    solder that are to be fit under screw head connectors... the
    practice is at least 90% common.... thats with *control

    The practice is not common with power circuits for the reasons
    mentioned but is still seen in some situations (primarily
    corrosive environments... anyone can purchase NEC approved
    soldered connectors of course for those purposes... those are
    also pervasively common, especially in the electronics

    Phil Scott
    Mechanical/ Electrical engineer and industrial controls
    contractor since 1852 (I'm very old)
  2. TimPerry

    TimPerry Guest

    Phil, what brought this on? was there something i missed?

    a while back in a different group i mentioned tinning a speaker wire before
    attaching it to a speakon connector as was roundly criticized as a fool
    and/or ignoramus. maybe so, but the cable works fine. (cables i built 30
    years ago with tinned ends work fine too). i do see the point about solder
    being a soft alloy but it seems of you squish down hard enough it just
    doesn't matter.
  3. Billy H

    Billy H Guest

    So nice to be put in the same bracket as Telford and Brunel, but remember
    Roy, when there are more than one person, 'he' is not the word to use. It
    would have been more correct linguistically to say 'you and them are all
    idiots', although of course incorrect in fact.
  4. Phil Scott

    Phil Scott Guest

    Thats what I call good documented experience, and its
    intuitively correct as I see it for the reasons you much for the mil specs or crimp only being

    Phil Scott
  5. Phil Scott

    Phil Scott Guest

    a kill file works best... you should be able to find a news
    reader that has a kill file feature. or maybe yours already
    does, look in the messages handling options or whatever.

    its 'block sender' in MS Outlook express.

    Phil Scott
  6. Spokesman

    Spokesman Guest

    He is trying to Royally Fuch everyone here.
  7. Phil Scott

    Phil Scott Guest

    Another thing I do is kill file anyone that proves to be an
    abusive idiot... the first time I see them respond that way to
    some other person. Its not like the abuse is a rare anomaly,
    those types screw up everything they touch.

    I don't wait until they crap on my plate directly. thats
    been a relief.

    Sometimes I log on and go through my news groups and kill file
    anyone that seems to have been simply dull or pedantic over

    That way I end up with a very pleasant and enlightening read
    every day, I feel better, I am nicer to my customers and they
    pay me well as a result.

    Putting up with jerks to any degree at all has many hidden

    There have been some recent studies reported in the main line
    news that simply seeing or being around when some jerk attacks
    another person... creates great stress. all unnecessary of
    course...but grossly damaging to ones health and career none
    the less.

    Phil Scott
  8. Keith

    Keith Guest

    DimBulb, did it really take you *five* tries to post this drivel?
  9. Keith

    Keith Guest

    You sliily wabbit, you answered _one_ post *five* times. Can't you keep
    your mini-mind straight long enough to answer at one sitting?
    Folks, google DarkMatter and "dim-bulb". The moron doesn't think a 100W
    lightbulb heats a room as fast as a 100W heater, hence the dim-bulm

    What a Maroon!
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