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Creative Labs MuVo 128MB Question

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting and Repair' started by goldfist, Sep 20, 2013.

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  1. goldfist


    Sep 18, 2013
    So I have a Creative Labs MuVo 128MB USB 2.0 MP3 player that I have owned for quite a while and enjoy using, however the battery holder that this USB MP3 Player Stick slid into and plugged into a female USB port to power off of a single AAA 1.5V Battery broke and now is missing since my wife tossed it out accidentally thinking it was trash.

    I have serious doubts that this device ran directly off of a 1.5V AAA Battery as for I know that the bi-color LED requires around 2.5 to 3V to light properly, so I am thinking that the battery holder may have had a (double,doubler) circuit in it to make say 6 volts when 1.5v doubled twice and then a 5 volt regulator to feed it a 5 VDC power source through the USB connection.

    I am thinking about using a 9V battery, and a 7805 Regulator to feed this device 5 Volts and have it still small and portable which would use less parts and would be cheaper to make as well as battery life should be well beyond what a single AAA battery use to provide since the 9V battery is made up of a bunch of AAAA batteries inside in series.

    My concern is if this 7805 will get hot even though the load is very small as for I will have this in my pocket listening to it when working and dont want to burn myself?

    In the past working with voltage regulators it seemed that the more drastic the voltage regulation, the more heat was produced, but this may have been because the load being powered at 5 volts may have been calling for current that was close to the max of the 5 volt regulator. But over all it seems like the greater the drop from source to regulated power the more heat is produced at the regulator.

    So vs building this and finding out I am creating a pocket warmer I figured I'd check first. I have burned my fingers on hot regulators before so thats why I have concerns over this. It would probably be better to use a 4 x AA or AAA battery holder instead to drop 6 to 5 vs 9 to 5 volts, but a single 9V battery is a cheaper route for parts and replacement batteries is just a single battery, and lighter in the pocket to carry around.

    Here is the circuit I was thinking of going with:
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2013
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