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Creative Labs Home/Cinema Theater Cable ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Skybuck Flying, Aug 11, 2009.

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  1. Hello,

    I spent considerable time investigating 7.1 amplifiers/receivers to maybe
    buy one.

    Now I want to buy the Creative Labs home theater cable to be able to connect
    the X-Fi elite pro soundblaster to such a 7.1 system.

    It now turns out I can only order this cable via Creative Labs and via
    credit cards ?

    I don't have a credit card... many people in the Netherlands probably don't
    have a credit card.

    This means I am not stuck with the following:

    1. I cannot connect all of the 7.1 amplifiers and 7.1 receivers in the world
    to this device because of incompatible connections.
    (The only possibility is non-analog connections but this would be
    unstatisfactory because this would disable 7.1 support and other features).

    2. I can only presumable connect Creative Labs speaker sets... <- vendor
    lock in.

    This is starting to piss me off.

    Therefore I ask a question to all folks in the Netherlands and/or in the
    rest of Europe:

    1. Did you purchase a Creative Labs Home Theater Cable ?

    2. If so where did you purchase it ?

    3. Do you have a link to a website where I could purchase it without credit
    cards ?

    4. Failing that do you know a shop in the Netherlands where I might be able
    to purchase it ?

    I definetly do not want to purchase any Creative Labs speaker set because of
    bad quality experiences.

    Also most if not all of the speaker sets that Creative Labs sells are not
    7.1... the best one is 5.1.

    (Apperently there only 7.1 speaker set got discontinued because of
    pressumbly bad quality).

    "Vendor lock-in" could be a nice extra compliant in a possible law suit
    against Creative Labs... added to "poor quality" complaint.

    Also why did they not supply this home theater cable when I bought the
    creative x-fi elite pro soundblaster ?

    Seems like a pretty important cable !

    Non of the dutch webstores seem to have it ?!

    All in all very suspicious ! ;)

  2. Well to be fair to creative labs...

    Maybe the asus A8N-32 sli motherboard and onboard audio chipset has problems
    too with connector compatibility ?

    I only see 6 analog outputs on the backside of the pc ? (some might be
    configurable ?)

    At least 8 analog inputs are needed for 7.1 home theaters...

    So I don't see how this could work ?! ;)

  3. Maybe such a store as BCC "low price, high service"... could order such a
    cable for me when I purchase a 7.1 receiver at their store...

    That would be a nice service towards me... maybe they have a credit card ?
    ;) :)

    (But I wouldn't be surprised if even a million euro store like BCC (in
    netherlands) doesn't have a credit card ? That would be really funny ! ;)

    Skybuck =D
  4. It was joking to myself: "high price, low service".

    But the funny thing is in reality that's actually true.

    The prices in the BCC store were somewhat high... and the service was low.

    I could not properly inspect the "goods".

    Most of the goods were placed low, or restricted with security cables.

    I have gotten much better service at another store when I purchased my
    digital photo camera.

    There everything was explained to me by a nice young lady with titties
    hanging out lol... and I could hold the device in my hands
    and play with it and "do it" LOL.

    However there the device was a little bit damaged though... one of the
    buttons didn't work so well but at least it still worked.

    The BCC claims to have extended warranty etc... I have no experience with
    that... nor does anybody else seem to have any experiences with that.. or at
    least they don't write about it on the internet... google doesn't find
    them/it ;)

    Warranty is very important though...

    Skybuck ;)
  5. qrk

    qrk Guest

    All the Dutch I know have credit cards, passports, and cell phones. I
    think you should use twinax cabling to preserve the hi fi quality of
    your digital cables. Some people remark that their home made
    interconnects made with RF cabling sounds amazing, much better than
    commercially made.
  6. Hmmm,

    I have made a startling discovery.

    The local BCC store cannot be reached by telephone.

    Instead I got the main BCC headquators on the phone.

    This is odd.

    If I ever have a problem I would have to go to the store to talk with those

    They probably don't have e-mail too... which is also odd.

    This could be a bad sign in case problems happen...

    But for now I give them the benefit of the doubt ;)

  7. Rob

    Rob Guest

    They probably don't have e-mail too... which is also odd.
    Very clever! They don't want him on the phone calling, or sending e-mail
    to them. They probably don't even want him in the shop.

    Just like we don't want him on the long list of groups that he is posting
    his crap on.

    Now let's just stop answering any of his posts when it is sent to more
    than two newsgroups. That should be a good start.
  8. No it's nothing personal.

    The headquators said their shops are not reachable by telephone !

    I think they don't want their sales persons to be disturbed by phones or
    so... which again I think is kinda odd...

    They claim to have high service, low price...

    How is not having a telephone being high service ? ;)

    Get my point ! :)

    Salesman would call today but didn't... maybe he forgot.. it's ok... maybe
    tomorrow I go there to figure out if they have the 1609 which apperently
    most dutch people have never heard about simply because the distributor
    doesn't seem to have it... so that's probably a no-no...

    I wouldn't be too surprised if they can't get the cable... Hmm ;)

  9. There were some menu options on the phone and could order via phone as

    So maybe "support" is handled via the headquartors... which again would be

    So again I am giving them the benefit of the doubt...

    I didn't let the woman on the phone finish because I was expecting a phone
    call and thus hang up quickly ;)

    She found it kinda funny, that in itself could also be a bad sign but again
    I give them benefit of the doubt ;) :)

    I could call back just to see what's it about but it costs 10 euro cent per

    So for now maybe not.

  10. You'd think ? Hmm I have my doubts about that... at least behind a phone you
    can sit down calmly and talk about it ;)
    I hope you mean the data/information...

    I hope you don't mean that their a bunch of thieves/scammers ;) :)

    Skybuck =D
  11. I am starting to doubt I am ever gonna get these creative labs cables... so
    maybe it's possible to replace them with other cables.

    I posted this question in a new thread called:

    "Replacement cables for Creative Labs Home Theater/Cinema Cable ? (4 and 3
    channel cables(?))"

    Check it out if anybody needs these ^ cables too and can't get them ;) :)

  12. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    I hate to think how unless living next to an RF transmitter.

  13. Bart! schreef:
    Hello friendly man, why do YOU crosspost in our dutch languaged group, hey?
  14. Michael A. Terrell schreef:
    Yes, I understand, but YOU could be clever and leave OUR group out,
    thank you! He will read in YOUR group anyway.
  15. Michael A. Terrell schreef:
    Me too, so why bother? If anyone else is clever, they stop answering
    this pinhead too.
  16. Bob Larter

    Bob Larter Guest

    Who can blame them?
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