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Creating PC boards

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by anonymous, Sep 22, 2004.

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  1. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    So Im wanting to make a few boards to try out some notions. I can create the
    layout but am not sure how to proceed from there. Should I buy a kit from
    somewhere? Contact a company? Remember - I will likely want < 5 of any
    specific layout.

    What DIY kits to people recommend?
  2. David Harmon

    David Harmon Guest

    On Wed, 22 Sep 2004 03:49:04 GMT in sci.electronics.basics, "anonymous"
    For single-sided boards I enthusiastically recommend
    the toner transfer system as described by Tom Gootee at
    Follow his instructions closely.
  3. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    TY! Thats a great site.
  4. Bob Masta

    Bob Masta Guest

    For simple boards you can use the hand-draw method.

    Bob Masta

    D A Q A R T A
    Data AcQuisition And Real-Time Analysis
  5. David Harmon

    David Harmon Guest

    On 28 Sep 2004 00:42:32 -0700 in sci.electronics.basics,
    (Thomas P. Gootee) wrote,
    To hell with all yahoo groups. Please keep the discussion public and
    accessible on usenet.
  6. David,

    Your point is a VERY, very (very!) good one.

    Probably the MOST-valuable information resource that I've EVER
    *FOUND*, by far, is the Usenet newsgroups' SEARCHABLE ARCHIVE, now
    located at (formerly at,
    formerly known as, which basically has ALL traffic
    from ALL groups, from all the way back to the beginning of the Usenet
    (around 1980?) (Although I'm not sure if they have any archived
    traffic from the ARPANet, which I *THINK* was probably Usenet's
    predecessor, before DARPANet (defense-related) was split off from
    ARPANet [IIRC: "ARPA" stands for "Advanced Research Projects Agency"],
    which we had through our "early" Unix systems, using uucp, in the EE
    building when I was at Purdue in the mid-to-late 1970s.)

    It does cause me some fairly-grave "concern", when there is a lot of
    excellent, important information being discussed, in a group that's
    somewhere else, on line, that's then NOT going to be a part of the
    searchable newsgroups archive.

    There was a discussion, in the Homebrew_PCBs group, about that VERY
    same concern, not too long ago. I don't remember seeing any good
    conclusion to it. But I kind-of *suspect* that since Yahoogroups is
    driven by advertising, there might even be some objection, on Yahoo's
    part, to, for example, re-posting all of the message traffic, from one
    of their groups, in a Usenet newsgroup [which I would like to see done
    JUST so it would be available during searches of the newsgroups
    archive. If I recall correctly, the yahoogroups message archives
    don't even show up in WEB searches, either. What a WASTE!].

    That was just a guess, though. I haven't bothered to "read the fine
    print", yet. BUT, if there ISN'T any legally-binding-type of reason
    NOT to do it, it seems like it would be a worthwhile project. However,
    another problem with yahoogroups is that it seems like there's also no
    good way to "dump" the entire archive of one of their groups. Even
    searches of a group's message-archive, there, return results from only
    a small range of message-numbers, at a time (making their
    archive-searching practically USELESS, at least when compared to

    So, even if it were "allowed", it would probably be pretty tedious, if
    one wanted to try to re-post all of the archived messages to Usenet,
    from even one heavily-used Yahoo group. Automating the process,
    somehow, might make that problem "go away", though. Otherwise,
    dividing the task among lots of people, each one downloading and
    re-posting to Usenet just a small segment of the message archive of a
    yahoo group, MIGHT be a more-feasible alternative.

    ON the other hand, for the Homebrew_PCBs yahoo group, for example, I
    receive the "digests" of all of the message traffic, via email. And I
    have saved them ALL (so I can much-more-easily search them, from
    within MS Exchange). Unfortunately, I joined that group only
    relatively recently. BUT, if there were someone who joined when the
    group was NEW, who also has saved all of the digests, then BINGO, the
    messages would all be readily available for re-posting. (Or, maybe a
    group's OWNER has a much better way to do it...)

    Oh well. It's something to think about, I guess. But, even though you
    are quite right, I, myself, wouldn't, as a practical matter, forego
    being a member of some of the yahoo groups that I belong to, not just
    for THAT reason, anyway, because: they are simply too important to me.
    (Another GREAT one, to me, for example, is the TekScopes group.)

    So, what to do? I'll try find time to check into whether it is
    possible/legal/etc to re-post their messages, either to Usenet or,
    failing that, to a website. I think I'll also see if I can get
    anywhere, in trying to contact someone there, to at least try to find
    out why their groups' message-traffic isn't even available in
    web-search results. I realize that yahoo and google (and the other
    search-engine companies) might be "arch-rivals", or something like
    that. But it SEEMS like they would welcome more hits/traffic, no
    matter where it came from, etc etc. (But I really just have NO

    Hmmm... I *DO* have a friend from high school who was one of the
    original founders of Yahoo, or at least was THERE, in a fairly
    high-level position, back when they started (I never got the exact
    details about his original position, there. But I do remember that he
    sold out, for at least tens of millions, just before the big tech
    crash, a few years back, hehe. He was at our 25-year H.S. reunion, in
    2000.). So maybe I could contact him and at least get a quick rundown
    of "why or why not" (something could be done about it), etc, and maybe
    even a good internal contact, there. Worth a quick attempt, at least,
    I suppose. But I guess I wouldn't hold my breath...

    Or, hehe, we could all try to convince everyone to use the Usenet
    newsgroups, instead. Just kidding. THAT seems like a
    MUCH-more-difficult proposition. There's also the fact that a yahoo
    group can be started by anyone, almost instantly (for free), which
    seems to be at least one fairly-major "advantage" that they have, over
    the Usenet newsgroups. The group-owner can also then set operational
    parameters for their group, such as whether it's public or private,
    etc. Anyway: It just doesn't seem like they're going to "go away", any
    time soon. So I hope that SOMEONE can come up with a more-general way
    to make their information-content available for at least SOME
    more-public type of searching, at least for the content of the
    NON-private groups.

    SOrry to have created such a large post, about what some might
    consider a trivial issue. But, having seen the **incredible** value,
    and sheer "POWER", that has resulted from the creation of the
    searchable archive of the Usenet traffic, it does NOT seem
    unimportant, at ALL, to ME.

    Anybody else?


    Tom Gootee

  7. Rich Webb

    Rich Webb Guest

    On 30 Sep 2004 11:27:27 -0700, (Thomas P. Gootee)

    Heartily concur; good post. (Although I'll admit that I was *so* tempted
    to quote the entire article and then stick a "Me too!" at the end. ;-)
  8. I've found many of the posts from my Yahoo group through a Google
    search. So the messages do show up. Everyone has their favorite way.
    You can find as many that swear by news groups. Most just swear at
    Yahoo. lol But I post to both to help both arenas and reach more


  9. Hey, expresspcb is great. Free software and getting a few first trys
    out is relatively cheap. Usually the others either get you on the
    software or get you on the onesie twosie stuff.

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