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Crackling and Hissing Yamaha

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Jeffrey Landgraf, Aug 5, 2003.

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  1. Gentlemen,

    My Yamaha P2100 stereo amplifier has "crackling" and hissing on a single
    channel. It started out intermitant and would disapear (for awhile) when
    the amp was turned off and then back on immediatley. The audio from that
    channel is very thin sounding as well. I've replaced all the electrolytic
    caps awhile back and the problem remains. I'm an experienced board level
    trouble shooter but I'm trying to cut the time for diagnosis to a minimum.
    In my experience "thin" is often dried out caps but this amp design does not
    use many electrolytics ( and they've been replaced!). I've not fixed an amp
    with crackling and hissing. Any ideas on which components would likely
    cause these symptoms?
  2. Sofie

    Sofie Guest

    Jeffrey Landgraf:
    I think you should be concentrating on looking for cracked, cold, or
    otherwise faulty solder connections on the main circuit board, especially
    near and around the high heat producing parts such as power semiconductors,
    diodes, resistors, etc. Re-solder as needed.
    Very IMPORTANT..... you would be best advised to STOP using your amp until
    you get this fixed, either by you or by a service shop. If you continue to
    try to use the amp with this problem you risk additional and major (read
    EXPENSIVE $$$) failures.
  3. Daniel,

    I've got the amp on the bench and in fact did stop using it. I've repaired
    flamed amps before and it's defiantly not fun! It's always easier to fix an
    amp that is "sort of working" than one that's gone to pasture. Resolder is
    a simple, good idea and can't hurt. I'll do that first.

  4. Bill Webb

    Bill Webb Guest

    Agreed. I had almost identical symptoms on a Sony amp (loud SNAP! from
    center channel at power-on, intermittent audio with sputtering and
    hissing "wet candle" sound) which resulted from cold/cracked-off solder
    joints on an amplifier IC at the center (surround) channel output.

    Sorry to post a "me too", but watch those little STKs or integrated
    amplifiers (if any), even if they don't look like the "usual suspects"
    for bad solder joints (large pins, high heat, bolted to chassis or
    flex-prone heatsink, etc.)

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