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"coupled" Inductors

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Phil Allison, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. Phil Allison

    Phil Allison Guest

    "Jon Slaughter"

    ** The name is " common mode choke" - Google it.

    The basic idea is the same AC current passes via both windings, but in
    opposite directions, so the core is not magnetised by it. Avoids core

    Allows a small component to pass large AC supply currents while still
    filtering RF noise generated inside the load device.

    ........ Phil
  2. What are the components that are coils of wire that are used like an
    inductor but are wound on the same bobbin/core?

    I took a part a dsl filter and I'm trying to determine what the things are.
    Are they inductors or transformers?

    The circuit treams them as inductors instead of tranformers in the sense of
    ther orientation. (there is no isolation) I assume this has to do only with
    noise issues rather than anything with power transfer.


    In Out

    instead of

    ---( )---
    ) (
    in ( ) out
    ) (
    ---( )---

    The way I see it is that its just two inductors wound on the same core and
    probably just for noise issues that its done that way?

    In any case, what is the technical term for it?

  3. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    Maybe a common mode choke ?"
  4. Looks like it might be that.

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