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couple of basic questions

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Joe Blowe, Feb 27, 2004.

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  1. Joe Blowe

    Joe Blowe Guest

    I am installing my security rough ins this weekend and need to know a few

    1. What is the best wire to use for a security camera?

    2. Any other suggestions from you experienced installers as to things to
    watch out for and how to make it look and work like a professional installed
    it? ( This will be inspected on Monday)

    I can't afford to pay the pros but I would like it to be properly set up so
    if I ever have to pay someone to fix it later, it will at least have been
    wired properly. :)

    I will be using a CaddX NX8 panel ,20 windows sensors, 5- Ademco 3/4" door
    sensors and a Street Smart Code Encryptor2 to remote control garage door
    and security.

    Your help is appreciated , believe me or not...

    Thanks in advance.
    David Sheetz
    St. Louis, MO

    (remove the no spam. to email me)
  2. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    RG-59U for the video. 18-2 stranded for power.

    Home run your CCTV to a central wiring closet. Leave about 3' - 4' of wire
    at each camera location (the length can be a bit shorter if you're using
    dome cameras). Avoid long parallel runs to AC (stay about a foot away if
    you can). Try to cross any AC wires at a 70 to 90 degree angle. Don't feed
    your wires through the same holes in the top or bottom plates as your AC
    runs. That's about it... Pretty simple, huh??

    Don't know what kind of windows you have, but I like using the GRI 2020-T
    ( It eliminates the "pig-tails" and
    makes it easier to service the contact afterwards. I usually install the
    contacts at the pre-wire stage. As for wire runs, the same rules apply as
    indicated above. For keypads, run two four conductors. Always ensure you
    have a couple of keypad locations pre-wired. I usually run a drop to the
    master bedroom as well as one in the second floor hallway just before you go
    down the stairs. On bigger homes, you might want to have a keypad at the
    garage entry as well as the main entrance. If you're going to have a media
    room (in the basement or on the main level), run a keypad drop there as well
    .. It's always nice to know when someone's coming or going.

    I believe...
  3. Jackcsg

    Jackcsg Guest

    Horse shit. Do you have oscilloscope eyes? At 100 feet, I can guanasstee the
    human eye will see no difference. When you get around 1,000 ft. it will
    start to play a role. 22 awg vs. 18 awg, it's about the same effect as a
    power supply. I run Cat5, RG-59, and 18/4 to every camera I install...of
    course I use Network Cameras and the Internet in 90% of my installs.

  4. Jackcsg

    Jackcsg Guest

    Sorry, I meant to say "Horse Hockey"!

  5. anomynous

    anomynous Guest

    Is that the Colts? Broncos? ???
  6. Aegis

    Aegis Guest

    You like wasting money don't you?

  7. Joe Blowe

    Joe Blowe Guest

    I checked it out and I need no permit (new law started Jan 1st but
    inspectors are letting me get by because the electrical permit was pulled
    before December 31) I also talked to the electrician and the only warning he
    gave me was too use fire caulk around any holes I drilled in the plates. I
    am using pvc conduit for everything as I want to future proof my house. The
    only catch is that it will be inspected and cost me $40 to reinspect for any

    Hopefully all this will pay off :)
  8. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    Hmmm... That reminds me of a few little discussions we've had in this
    newsgroup some months ago... Something about how you can't run 120VAC and
    12VDC into the same junction box, nor can you "mix" voltages in an alarm
    panel... I'm still waithing for you to provide "chapter and verse" about

    Or how you can't tie an AC smoke alarm into a zone on a burglary panel...
    I've yet to see the section of the "US Fire Code" (your words) that
    prohibits this.

    Or even better... There's a post entitled "Re: 110V outlet to 220V" in this
    Group where (once again) you've managed to neatly place your size 13's into
    your cake hole. Not only that but you've freely admitted to doing work
    outside of the scope of your Connecticut L-6 license. I'll bet you're
    installing alarm systems in contravention of the Florida Statutes as well...
    You've demonstrated your willingness to flout the law on several occasions
    in the past and I wouldn't put it past you to continue doing so. Assaulted
    anyone with a gun lately??

    You must really love the taste of leather...

    You're a "maroon", Bass... I find your rantings amusing... At least they
    keep me comin' back... :))
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