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Couple of basic questions regarding power supplies

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Michael Noone, Jun 1, 2005.

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  1. Hi - I'm going to be using a Bias Power BPS-200-2-14-50:
    20Spec%20Sht%20A3%20_22604_.pdf in an upcoming project. I have a couple
    very simple questions though:

    It has an "EM" pin, and for it's description it just says "see emi app
    note". This app note is no longer available. I did find an archived version
    of the website that refers to the EM pin here: it
    says "for connection of external Y capacitors to reduce EMI in certain
    applications". Can somebody tell me what Y capacitors are? Or if this is
    even needed?

    Also - this power supply will be powering an RF circuit. I am wondering -
    should I connect earth ground to the ground pin on the power supply? I'm
    very unsure about this, and figure it's most safe to ask first.


    -Michael J. Noone
  2. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

    From: & Y rated capacitors

    "X & Y rated capacitors These capacitors are specially designed for
    connecting directly to the mains.
    Class "X" capacitors are designed for connection directly across the
    mains supply there are two sub classes used "X1" rated units are for
    heavy duty applications and are made to withstand 4K Volt peak pulses.
    "X2" are designed for general use and can withstand 2K Volt peaks.
    "Y" rated capacitors are designed for connection between a current
    carrying conductor & earth. They are designed not to pose a threat of
    electric shock in the event of failure."
  3. mhyk

    mhyk Guest

  4. Hi Mr. Fields - Just to clarify - do you think that they are saying to
    connect a Y capacitor between the EM pin and earth ground? Also - in what
    sorts of situations is this needed? This device will be running inside off
    of wall power - would such a capacitor be needed? I'm thinking probabaly
    not, but I thought it best to ask to be sure.


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