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Counter Gate

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Mark, Dec 4, 2003.

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  1. Mark

    Mark Guest

    Just wondering if anyone can direct me to some info on making a counter.
    Need to be able to count the number of times a small door has been opened,
    and display the number. There also needs to be a reset button.

    Any ideas?

  2. Daniel  Simon

    Daniel Simon Guest

    The new fad is pedometers. they are little digital watch lke things
    that attach to your waist and count your steps using a weighted
    pendulum type switch. Electronically they are counters with reset
    buttons. You could either replace the pendulum switch with one rigged
    to the door or just mount the pedometer in such a way that it
    interprets a door opening as a step with it's pendulum switch.

    I've seen them for under $10 US. look in the sporting goods section of
    a department store.

  3. Mark

    Mark Guest

    Not really the solution that I am looking for. I would like to imlement an
    electronic scoreboard for a foosball table. So everytime the ball goes in
    the net, the score is incremented. When a new game is started the
    scoreboard can be reset. The ball triggers a gate/switch that adds to the
    existing score.

  4. RD

    RD Guest

    You could use a 74xx160 or 74xx162 to count, a 74xx47 to drive a 7segment
    LED, a well filtered switch or photo transciever to give the pulses.
    Old fasioned but it will work.
  5. Daniel  Simon

    Daniel Simon Guest

    I dunno Mark.I'm looking at my little pedometer right now. It's got a
    big clear LCD display that will count up to 999999 and a black button
    right beside the display that says "reset". When you push it the count
    goes to zero. A couple of these mounted to a foosball table wouldn't
    look that bad, and you could always repackage the guts to your liking.

    The real question is do you really want to learn how to build
    electronic counters or do you just want an easy solution for your
    application? If you really want to learn the electronics, there are
    plenty here that will tell you more than you want to know.
  6. Mark

    Mark Guest

    Dan, you're right about the real question. I would like to learn as I go,
    but also another reason that I would like to build a custom product is that
    I would like to have the option to be able to add to it later. Perhaps
    lights that go on if there is a goal scored, etc. If there is anyone who
    has some more suggestions they are all appreciated.

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