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Cordless phone battery.

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Neil Green, Sep 24, 2006.

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  1. Neil Green

    Neil Green Guest

    Hello all.
    My old cordless phone needs a new battery.
    I have a good battery here rated at the same voltage
    (3.6V), but it's a 300mAh NiCad battery, and the one
    in the phone is a 600mAh NiMh.
    The batteries are the same physical size, I only need
    to adapt the plug on the good battery to fit the
    Can I use this battery in the phone?
    Will the charger in the phone charge the same for the
    NiCad as the original?
    I assume that the 300mAh battery will just give less
    talk/standby time than the 600mAh but should operate
    the phone OK, my only concern is the charging.
    Any advice appreciated.
  2. Most probably, yes.
    Yes, it'll try to charge the same. most likely a constant current
    system with timer.
    NiCd's are more tolerant to overcharging than NiMh so it should be
    I'd just get the proper one on eBay or wherever and be done with it, no
    point messing about when you will just end up with reduced capacity at

    Dave :)
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