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Converting Switching Power Supply for Inductive Heating

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by Scott Kelley, Apr 20, 2006.

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  1. Scott Kelley

    Scott Kelley Guest

    Any reason I couldn't use a big switching power supply as the starting point
    for a
    500W (+-) inductive heater?

    Anyone have any insight that would be helpful as I jump into this?

  2. Guest

    I can think of a few, first they have a dc output! You could remove the
    output diodes but then you have the problem that the voltage might not
    suit your coil. They are designed to operate at a fixed frequency which
    may not suit you coil either. Your coil works best with a push pull
    drive, many smps are unidirectional.
  3. Scott Kelley

    Scott Kelley Guest

    first they have a dc output!

    I did say "starting point" :D

    I don't yet have a coil - figured that its design would be very dependent
    upon what I could do with the power supply, and whether it was used in a
    resonant circuit or step-down transformer.

    It should be a fairly simple matter to change frequency.

    Any reason it wouldn't work? Optimum efficiency wouldn't be much of an
    issue as long as it was within reason.

    You say that many are unidirectional - are some push-pull? I could be
    selective about what power supply I use (if I could find out which supplies
    used Push-Pull drive).

  4. Guest

    You need to design the coil to suit the job your trying to do, so thats
    the starting point.
    The smps transformer will only work near it's design frequency, at
    least at anything like its rated power.

    It's highly likely to destroy the smps.

    Some big ones are push pull.

    I could be
    I had assumed you allready had the smps and were trying to find a use
    for it. I have worked on industrial inductive heaters and it's not easy
    to do, I would forget it if I were you or at least do some research
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