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Converting Orcad schematic to protelDXP scematic

Discussion in 'CAD' started by [email protected], May 20, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    Dear friends.
    How we can convert OrCAD schematic to ProtelDXP schematic?
    thankful of you
  2. Not hard at all.

    First, you print the Orcad schematic, preferably 'D' size. A BOM will
    also be very helpful.

    You then open Protel. First, you create parts for all the elements
    listed in the BOM. Then, starting in one corner of the printed Orcad
    schematic, you place the new Protel part in that position on your new
    Protel schematic. Mart the part with a sharpie. Then place the next
    part, and connect the two. Repeat until you have all the parts and
    connections on your Orcad schematic duplicated in your Protel schematic.

    Or, you can go through translation software and import/export nightmares
    that take twice as long, and give you more errors...


  3. Can't you open Orcad Capture files directly in Protel?

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
  4. To be honest, Sphero, I don't know beans about Protel. Asking Derek
    over there in support would give you a much better answer... ;-)

    I was just replying to all the "Can I take a design in A and open it in
    B?" posts...

  5. Don't know about DXP, but 99SE has an option to open OrCAD Capture and
    Layout files directly. I've never tried it and therefore have no idea of the
    quality of the imported files. Sometimes you end up with a mangled file when
    trying to move between different design suites. Also, DXP is several years
    old, so you need to look at which version of OrCAD is being used. New OrCAD
    files may respond differently than older ones.

  6. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Guest

    I've been reasonably successful pasting in a WMF of a client's
    schematic (into PSpice Schematics... natch ;-)

    Then "tracing" by plunking down components and wiring them up, then
    delete the WMF.

    Did that on a fairly large Microchip project.

    ...Jim Thompson
  7. I have converted several OrCAD schematics to DXP 2004 recently and if
    the OrCAD files are not a newer version than the DXP, it works pretty good.
    A lot further ahead than the manual methods. You may find as I did that some
    (a few) random part symbols don't import into the DXP schematic. This was
    very random, with one symbol it read in just fine within one schematic and
    then the identical symbol was omitted from the next schematic, go figure.

    Simply read the DSN file into DXP via the file open menu and selecting
    the proper file type in the bottom drop down window. The one issue or
    problem I encountered is that the part parameters (partfields in DXP) are
    scattered wide and far across the schematic and need to be moved close(er)
    to the actual parts using them. there could be some option that would
    control this but I didn't find it and just manually reset the locations of
    the partfields once in DXP.
  8. Marra

    Marra Guest

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