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Converting Audio FX Circuits (Instrument to Line Level)

Discussion in 'Audio' started by whiterabbit, Apr 28, 2015.

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  1. whiterabbit


    Sep 14, 2013

    How does one go about converting an audio FX circuit (i.e. guitar pedal) to be used with line level signals?

    Long version-
    My end goal is to build my own studio gear to play around with. The vast majority of what I've found online with regard to DIY audio circuits has been centered around guitar pedals; I've also found many resources related to the modular synth community. I've successfully built several simple circuits and have been quite pleased with the results, but am wondering how to evaluate and redesign circuits built to be a guitar pedal into something I can use exclusively with other line level gear.

    One possible solution I've looked into is a re-amp box to step line level signals down to instrument to run them through the 'pedal' circuits. I have also just tried sending line level signals into the FX circuits which seems to work just fine for the most part (usually just using a pot to attenuate the input if necessary), but that just doesn't feel right to me for use in the long run.

    While this would 'solve my problem' I'm really more interested in the WHY, rather than simply having a fix to this one single issue. I have a vague idea that I ought to be considering impedance, and the overall headroom of the circuit. Past that... I'm useless.

    Thank you!!
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