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Converting 40 yearold AM car radio to AM + FM

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by n cook, May 29, 2006.

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  1. n cook

    n cook Guest

    I've been asked to convert a 1962 car radio (Ge technology) to include FM.
    Its in a classic car so front panel appearance at least must be un-altered.
    I'm thinking of using a personal matchbox size mono FM receiver with step
    button channel change, to fit inside.
    Drop the 12V to 3V, couple antenna to exiting antenna, switch out AM and
    switch in FM and couple in , adjusted, the o/p to amp input of the car
    Of course I could extend the switches out of the car radio case but anyone
    ideas for hiding switches in the existing radio case?
    The tuning advance button could perhaps be mounted behind a flexible part of
    the front panel but what about the 2 way switch for AM/FM select ?
  2. JR North

    JR North Guest

    Provide link to picture of radio facia.
  3. Lee

    Lee Guest

    Why not find the optional AM/FM radio that was offered on the car when new?
    Even my 1959 MGA had an optional AM/FM radio
    Lee in Toronto

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  4. n cook

    n cook Guest

    I'll probably convert the MW/LW switch to MW/FM
  5. b

    b Guest

    n cook ha escrito:
    I dont know anyone who listens to AM these days. unless your client is
    especially partial to it, i'd just wire it for FM and if the set has
    channel pushbuttons, put a small microswitch behind one to use for the
    step-up/ fm seek tuning.
  6. n cook

    n cook Guest

    I'm also wondering about ignition noise and use on a positive earth car
  7. Dave D

    Dave D Guest

    It's still popular in many parts of the world, not least here in the UK.
    There are channels which are only available on AM. I sometimes use it for
    football (soccer) commentary when the same programme isn't available on FM,
    which is quite often. It's not nice for listening to music on though! Fine
    for discussion programmes and sport coverage.


  8. does this to AM car radios in the US
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