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Converters for video (NTSC) to VGA ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Some Guy, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. Some Guy

    Some Guy Guest

    With an increasing supply of old 15-19" CRT-type VGA monitors, I'd
    rather use them for video monitors (for fixed-output DVD/VCR/CCTV
    viewing) vs give them away. Are there any chips, schematics, kits, or
    retail units that do a good job of converting video signals (NTSC,
    S-Video, or component video) into 15-pin VGA-compatible signals?

    There has got to be a decent, viable solution here, given the fact
    that there must be a huge turn-over of CRT monitors in favor of LCD...
  2. There are lots of "decent, viable solutions". Problem is, "Some Guy"
    usually wants it for $15.00 ;-). To do fair job of converting the
    S-video into the doubled line rate, you need a device with a good "S"
    to RGB converter and a field memory + DSP. To do a great job, you need
    to buffer 4-6 fields, and have a lot more DSP. So good = $20-$40 (BOM
    cost) and great is twice that much. If you just want to buy something:"video+cheese+box"&btnG=Google+Search


    Frank Raffaeli
  3. Guest

    If its a multifrequency monitor, it's possible that a simple chroma
    conversion and sync seperation circuit might work?

    But support of CGA timings on VGA monitors is often poor... it's like
    they'll do it, but the magnetics don't like it and you can hear them

    Line by line doubling might work?
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