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Conversion from Capture(.olb) to Schematics(.slb) libraries?

Discussion in 'CAD' started by Chaos Master, Sep 20, 2003.

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  1. Chaos Master

    Chaos Master Guest

    Is there any way to convert from Capture .olb library format to Schematics
    .slb library format (i.e, the opposite of sch2cap)? I want to download some
    libraries that come with .olb symbols - but I don't want to use Capture!

    "Define 'recursion':
    42 11314 Rnane-Sam-Hum-Fem-Law died in The Gnomish Mines on
    level 9 [max 11]. Killed by a wraith called Rnane. - [43]"

    E-mail address is fake. Please reply to the group!
  2. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Guest

    I have ORCTRANS.exe that will convert OLD OrCAD sch files to MSIM
    (PSpice) schematics files, but I doubt that it works on "modern"
    Capture :-(

    Let EMA-EDA know that you prefer Schematics.

    I figure we have one year to convince them to keep on providing
    Schematics or I'll change to another simulator.

    (The SMASH people are coming to visit me on Tuesday, with a "deal I
    can't refuse". We'll see ;-)

    ...Jim Thompson
  3. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Guest

    A quick search thru Windows Explorer for "*.olb,*.slb" shows *most*
    olb's have an equivalent slb.

    Have you found an external source of olb's that you want ot bring into

    ...Jim Thompson
  4. Chaos Master

    Chaos Master Guest

    Jim Thompson scribbled:
    Yes. I've found some from .
  5. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Guest

    I'll see if I can entice my oldest son to look at how to do the
    translation. You know, like "Here's a problem I bet you can't solve"!

    ...Jim Thompson
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