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Convergence Problem on Mitsubishi VS-50705

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Cape Cod, Aug 31, 2005.

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  1. Cape Cod

    Cape Cod Guest

    Hello Again Guys,
    Thanks for all your advice on servicing my RPTV. I'm still not out of the
    woods with it yet and would appreciate some further input if anyone could
    offer any. Let me first review the situation so far. The set functioned well
    for around 5 years with no problems. I turned it on one night and it shut
    itself back off. It flashed error code 22 on the front LED. On the advice of
    a service tech, I replaced the convergence IC's (Sanyo STK392-110) and D522
    (NTE506). The set now turns on, but the convergence is way out of adjustment
    and there is a pretty bad pincushion effect. I can not seem to adjust the
    convergence via the user menus, and the picture is seriously bowed on all 4
    sides. I had heard that resetting the values in the service menu can
    seriously screw up the picture. Though I did not manually do this, I
    wondered if working on the set could have somehow reset these values. Or
    perhaps my new STK's are defective, or perhaps something else is broken in
    the set, or perhaps, well I dunno what??? My Jenna Jameson DVD awaits, can't
    someone help??? Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks Much Guys!
  2. Check the supplies to the output ICs. You could have an open fuse or choke.


    TJJEWEL Guest

    Hi, Cape Cod

    Have you repaired your unit? Let me know if you need help.

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