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Convergence issues on Samsung HCL4715WX/XAC

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Jason D., Feb 13, 2004.

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  1. Jason D.

    Jason D. Guest

    Like other sets with two convergence IC on big heatsinks swapped them
    & replaced all burned resistors (3.9 ohm 2% 2W fusiable type) usually
    fixes them along with fuses. But this one samsung set has, two fuses
    and one fuse just for 30V line. Yes that's right three fuses in that
    one! Already checked resistors just in case.

    Except this repair did not this time.
    Turned on and see no active convergence, heatsinks for that two IC
    still cold. Still getting +/- 30V power for it.

    The convergence generator is a 4" x 4" plug in module goes into
    upright metal can.

    I suspect that convergence generator module went frizy and took out
    the convergence ampifiers? Please pipe up your comments.


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