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Convergence CRT Sony G400-D

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Marcel Mohr, Feb 8, 2004.

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  1. Marcel Mohr

    Marcel Mohr Guest

    Hello NG
    At first, i want to apologize for misusiing technical terms.
    I have a Sony CPD-E400P CRT Monitor (Trinitron) and it has problem with
    the convergence. In the corners the vertical blue and red line diverge for
    1 mm (0.03937 inches). The vertical blue line goes from left to right and the
    vertical red line from right to left, relatively to each other. But that
    can be observed for the whole screen, but not as strong as in the corners.

    I downloaded the service manual. Ádjusted with two 4- and 6-fold magnets
    the convergence, and with a volume (called XCV dunno) the horizontal
    slope for the blue and red line, relatively to each other.
    But i found no way to adjust the relative vertical slopes.

    After reading i heard of magnets placed on the neck on the yoke to adjust
    convergence for the corners. But i haven't found these on my sony tube.
    What can I do ?
    a) Forget it. Convergence of less than 1 mm isnt important.
    b) Buy some little magnets to adjust the convergence.
    c) Find the volume to adjust the vertical slopes.

    Greetings Marcel Mohr
  2. Marcel Mohr

    Marcel Mohr Guest

    dunno, why my email adress isn't appearing


    greetings marcel mohr
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