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controls for electric cooktop

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by moley, Mar 13, 2007.

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  1. moley

    moley Guest


    I have an older (10Y) Amanc cooktop, Model AKE 35. After about 9
    Years, the temperature controls started to get flakey. One would have
    to jiggle to keep the burner hot and rotate the control carefully to
    keep the connection made. First one, then another. I bought 4 new
    control switches and installed them. They lasted about six monthe
    before they became flaky too. I bought 4 more from another parts
    vendor and they lasted six months. I bought 4 more from Amana (pricy)
    and they looked and were marked exactly the same as all the others I
    had bought. They too became intermittant after about six months.

    All these controls only have a 90 day warranty but still, one should
    be able to expect years of service from such controls. Maytag tells me
    to go scratch and just buy four more. I think I will not just send off
    another $90 without trying to find out what the problem might be.
    After each replacement the cook top works perfectly so I am sure there
    is no problem with the installation. I suspect a new supplier has been
    making these controls for a coule of years and hasen't got it right
    yet. Can everyone who replaces these controls be having such short
    life? We are a two person family and are not heavy users of this

    I hate to throw away a fine cookstove because I cant find a reliable
    switch. Thanks for any advice suggestions etc.
  2. Don't buy from Amana. Look for a generic from an appliance repair shop.

    Google for (appliance repair parts)

    You may have intermittent shorts in the elements that are burning them out -
    I doubt it though.
  3. John

    John Guest

    I would expect bad connections or cooked wiring at the element
    connectors. I did similar rewiring for my wife's mother a couple of
    years ago.
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