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Consumer unit wiring in Spain

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Lago Jardin, Apr 30, 2004.

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  1. Lago Jardin

    Lago Jardin Guest

    I live in Torrevieja near Alicante in Spain although i am from Leeds in the

    Our mains supply in our apartment is limited to 3.3 kw, this is very common
    here. Pretty obviously the supply frequently trips out when cook especially
    when in summer we have the air con on too. Its possible to upgrade the
    incoming supply to say 5.5kw or 8.8kw and pay an extra standing charge to
    Iberdrola. I am trying to get an electrician to do the upgrade but they have
    to Spanish in order to provide the correct paperwork for the legal upgrade.

    Naturally I dont want to get ripped off. Many English electricians will do
    it illegally. The incoming mains is cartridge fused at the meter at 35 amps
    and the incoming in the consumer unit passes thru a 15amp circuit breaker
    then thu a 25amp breaker on the outgoing side. In turn this feeds two
    breakers (15amp for 8 sockets & 1 air con) and (10amp for 5 sockets, 7
    lights & 1 air con). All kitchen power is on the 15 amp circuit. As they are
    radial circuits I dont know much about them .In the UK we use ring circuits
    mostly for sockets.

    I am going to try to attach a photo of the internal wiring of the consumer
    unit. As this in not a binary newsgroup I dont know if it will work.

    I would be obliged if anyone could advise me on the work that is needed to
    upgrade to say about 8.8kw which would be my max sort period demand. Any
    comments about the consumer unit wiring would be helpful.

    If the picture does not appear below I would be happy to email it to anyone
    that might be able to help.

    If this is all boring or off topic please accept my apologies and just
    ignore all this but its really difficult to get objective advice here.

    Thanks a lot

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