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Constructing a "delay" into a system?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by richg99, Aug 27, 2008.

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  1. richg99

    richg99 Guest

    OK I can solder, and 50 years ago took an RCA Electronics course so I could
    fix b&w TV's. Since then, not too much electronical has happened around me!

    I now fly some lightweight, foam Radio Controlled airplanes Every now and
    then, due to "operator error"... I put one down in a cornfield or some other
    undesirable place. Finding the darn things can be a problem.

    Some people have purchased a "beeper" that sounds off when the plane stops
    running. They run about $15.00 each. I have six planes...I'd rather build my
    own if I can do it cheaper and it would work the way I want it to.

    I read about another guy putting a buzzer/beeper into his plane that beeps
    all of the time. I don't want to hear a beeper going all of the time, but
    wouldn't mind an intermittent "beep" every now and then. Today, I visited
    my local Radio Shack, where they sell things, but they actually don't know
    anything about them.

    I bought a 12 vdc ( range 3.0 to 20 vdc) 12 v beeper item #06P08 or
    maybe #273-0059. It has a great sound when plugged into my 8 volt Lipo
    battery. Its single "beep"would do the job...if....

    Now, what I need is some way to time that beeping. What is the simplest
    circuit that I could solder up; connector my motor's battery when I get
    ready to fly...and have it "beep" intermittently while flying? Thanks for
    any help. regards, Rich
  2. ehsjr

    ehsjr Guest

    You could build this circuit:

    It will work from 12 volts. Substitute the buzzer for
    the LED in the diagram.

    Alternatively, this idea might work for you: put a blinking
    LED (Radio Shack #276-312) in series with the buzzer.

  3. Randy Day

    Randy Day Guest

    richg99 wrote:

    An 8-pin 555 timer IC, two resistors and two caps, will do it:

    The 'astable oscillator' schematic is the one you want.

    Googling on '555 timer' will find you all kinds of info on
    this really versatile device.

  4. I flew an RC model aircraft into a stand of woods near my home. The
    controller had the tail motion reversed, and it went over a bunch of
    trees and crashed into a fairly large area of trees. I was looking for
    it by occasionally revving the motor, which I could hear in the
    distance. I managed to find it hanging from a branch on tree on a 45
    degree slope. I was able to dislodge it, barely.

    So, I feel your pain.

    However, compare the cost of the $15 beeper against the cost of the
    aircraft. In fact, it costs less than a battery pack. You also need to
    ensure that it won't drain your battery, beep all the time, and that
    it'll actually be loud enough to use to find the thing.

    Bob Monsen
  5. whit3rd

    whit3rd Guest

    The dollar stores here have watchfob gizmos that respond to a whistle
    by beeping loudly (to find your keys if they're misplaced). With the
    you save, a boating store will sell you an air horn to interrogate
    your downed aircraft in style.
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