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Connectors, and Isolating control circuitry from IGBTs (TIG welder)

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Ignoramus24428, Nov 17, 2005.

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  1. I am slowly progressing with my tig welder project. Got some
    connectors last night and started connecting them to one of my
    semikron 23s, and am already getting right signals on one of them.

    I am becoming a little more optimistic now.

    I have two separate lines of questions. I would like to ask you to
    answer only if you have something helpful to say.

    1. I have some 3M connectors for the header in a semikron 23. Digikey
    item MSC14A-ND. They fit my the semikron headers. The question I have
    is how to connect single wires that are multiconductor wires, into the
    3m connector. This connector has some sharp teeth coming out with a
    little sharp slit between them.

    Last night, I just placed them properly and then used linesman pliers
    to push the wires into sharp slits using the locking top plastic
    bar. Sorry, I do not know the proper name for it. Was that the right
    technique to use?

    2. The wire pairs (two controls and two power wires), need to be
    somewhat protected from EMI. For now, I twisted then as much as
    practicable. Is that good enough in light of question 3.

    3. All instructions for making high power inverters call for isolation
    of the control circuitry from the actual IGBTs on the heatsink. I was
    going to separate them with some kind of sheetmetal with a hole for
    control wires to go through.

    Is that good enough? I should I fully enclose them in sheetmetal, with
    some openings for a small fan and the wires in and out?


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