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connecting usb device to pc wirelessly

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by colin, Jun 9, 2006.

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  1. colin

    colin Guest

    Hi, I have a small simple but effective USB data logger, "little doctor"
    but I now want to connect it to my PC wirelessly, (to avoid sliprings)

    Ive been looking for a bit and there are many usb wirless (bluetooth etc)
    devices that come up in searches but all seem to be specific to a mouse
    kb/modem/router/network/internet etc,

    I think what I need is a 'wirless USB hub' but most of the ones ive looked
    at are just for conecting to a network or modem or printer etc.

    Is there any device wich can connect a 'general' usb device to the PC via a
    wireless link ? it needs something that the USB data logger device can plug
    into (and idealy draw power from) with a wirless link to another thing I can
    plug into my PC. Actually it would also be highly usefull if it would
    accomodate more than one USB devices at a time such as webcams etc.

    Surly there must be something like this ?

    Or any other cheap wireless data logger?
    data rate is extremly low 1sps would do, just a few analogue and a digital
    channel or two, continuosly for upto a day or two at a time. I had thought
    about one that can store it on the device for later download but it would be
    far more useful to have a realtime display to check it is working ok.

    I have wireless kb/mouse/ati remote etc, if only I could make use of one of
    those channels

    Theres probably some 2 way wireless circuits about, or bluetooth modules,
    but id realy need something I can use out of the box with out too much time
    or effort.

    Colin =^.^=


    It sounds like you need to find a couple of supported hubs; one with
    usb, and hook them up using WDS. You can buy a viewsonic wr-100 for $14
    on ebay; the USB models will set you back about $100 (US; other places

  3. colin

    colin Guest

    Ah yes that sounds like the sort of thing, thanks.

    So basiicaly I have a WGT634U at the remote end and plug the usb data logger
    into it
    and the other wifi device in the pc (wich it might have one on the MB
    already not sure), and hope its transparent enough to allow the software to
    use it as if its connected directly to the pc.

    However its quite a large device to put at the remote end,
    I wonder if theres a smaller equivalent or if I cld just get hold of the
    gubins it has inside it just for the usb part.

    As I am writing this however someone just messaged me with the following
    link ...
    However this doesnt seem to be shipping till july, cant even find it
    searching on thier website.

    I looked inside the usb data logger and it has one of those rs232<->usb
    chips, I wonder if it would be easier to do the wirless link at the rs232
    level and move the usb device to the pc ... trouble is searches for
    "wireless etc..." come up with so much to look at.

    Colin =^.^=
  4. If you're in europe, you can probably get hold of an Asus wl-hdd, which
    is about the size of a pack of cigarettes, runs off of DC, and has a USB
    port. Realistically, that's about as small as you can get; the CPU is
    about an inch square and the radio itself needs some room.

    The Belkin cable looks interesting... But given the vaporware that
    seems to dominate the marketplace, I wouldn't hold my breath... Although
    I might have use for it....
    Pretty much everything in the consumer world has gone to USB; if you
    want an idea of commercial grade serial stuff, you can look at
    - very nice stuff, bulletproof, also $$$$ (or EEEE - no euro symbol on
    my keyboard...)

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