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connect portable MP3 to auto audio?

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by nick andros, Dec 21, 2005.

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  1. nick andros

    nick andros Guest

    I want to play USB music on my pickup audio, and was wondering if I can
    find a certain wire and splice the output of my portable MP3 player
    into it. Most people would go buy a new MP3/CD/radio, but I like
    tinkering with things and saving money.
  2. Pippa Reeves

    Pippa Reeves Guest

    You state you like tinkering... I suggest you build a stereo FM
    transmitter kit. You plug the output of the MP3 player into the
    transmitter, and then tune the FM radio into it's transmission..... really
    good for using different vehicles as you don't need to make any changes to
    the car's radio/CD/Cassette player system.

    check out the article from Silicon Chip magazine
    it is available in kit form from Dick Smith Electronics kit number
    or kit number KC5341 from Jaycar electronics

    Both suppliers do mail order.

  3. nick andros

    nick andros Guest

    Thank you. That may be more tinkering than I wanted, or it may be
    exactly what I need to do. It does sound like a great idea. I could
    use it with any (auto, home . . . ) fm radio. Would the sound quality
    be affected enough to make any difference? I am not a music freak, but
    want to hear certain things when I want to hear them. That way I can
    listen to something I chose to record rather than what the local radio
    people pick to play.
  4. There are commercial FM modulators available designeed for taking the
    audio for any type of MP3 player and broadcasting it to the car radio.
    Some are just slightly larger than a cigarette lighter plug. Try a
    Google search for - MP3 Modulator -. Walmart even sells a unit for $30
    US that will take a USB memory stick with stored MP3 files as an input.
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