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connect laptop to home theater system?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Andreas P., Jul 2, 2003.

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  1. Andreas P.

    Andreas P. Guest

    I have one of those home theater systems that are usually used with
    It has 5 small speakers which connect to the amplifier/woofer.
    The woofer has three inputs (3.5 mm sockets) labeled FRONT, REAR and
    I was told that there are some special PC sound cards which have 3
    one for each input on the subwoofer. (I think they are Mono inputs)
    The problem is that I want to connect the system to a laptop which
    has one stereo output.

    Can i create a special cable for this purpose? Is there a way to
    feed all 3 inputs of the woofer from the stereo output on the laptop?

    Any schematics for simple circuits would help a lot!

  2. C.M. Hobbs

    C.M. Hobbs Guest

    usually these speaker sets will come with some sort of way to connect all
    the speakers to the stereo jack, by plugging some of them together. i ran
    into this problem at work with an older computer.

    try running a search for the model name of your speakers, or go to the
    company's web site, and get a manual. it should tell you how to connect
    the speakers to stereo output.

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