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Connect ECL device to PECL-TTL translator

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Johan Lucas, Oct 30, 2003.

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  1. Johan Lucas

    Johan Lucas Guest


    Currently I am developing a board which interfaces with an ECL device.
    These ECL diff. pairs need to be converted to TTL for data processing.

    But all the translators I found require a negative voltage supply.
    This is not an option because then I have to use DC-DC converters and
    that will make the board to expensive.

    Is there any proven solution to connect ECL diff pairs to a PECL-TTL

    My idea was to use a capacitor and a two resistors to shift the ECL
    level from -1.6 for low and -0.8 for high to PECL levels. But a DC
    level on the ECL line would not work.

    Can you help me?
  2. Howdy Johan,

    The datasheet for parts related to the MC100EPT23 appear to show that
    it operates down to 0 Hz, which would imply that it would not have a
    problem with your scheme.

    Have fun,

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