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conduit code questions

Discussion in 'Photovoltaics' started by Mike Payne, Oct 18, 2007.

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  1. Mike Payne

    Mike Payne Guest

    I thought I remember hearing that if I run the charged wires from the PV
    invertor through my attic then they need to be in metal conduit. This
    makes sense to me because the fireman etc. don't want to get shocked by
    powered wires coming from the PV system when they are ripping out the

    But this seems to imply that I also can't tie the PV invertor output into a
    subpanel anywhere. Since now all the wires coming out of that subpanel
    would also need to be in conduit now. Both coming and going wires.

    So am I right that PV systems all pretty much need to be tied into the main
    panel? This would kill any chance of me installing more than one
    independent system on several detached buildings I have that have power run
    to them. I was previously thinking a 2KW system now and later a bigger
    system on a different roof. Or am I missing something here as usual?

  2. Brian Graham

    Brian Graham Guest

    Google 'PV and the NEC' or 'SAND 2005-0342-N'. You will find a large doc
    (149 page ) entitled 'Photovoltaic Power Systems And the 2005 National
    Electrical Code: Suggested Practices'. In it you'll find all the NEC code
    you'll want.

    IIRC, the NEC says that you need a disconnect wherever the PV enters the
    building. OR, you can continue to another location IF the wiring is inside a
    metal raceway.

    One excerpt:
    "PV conductors must not be routed through attics unless they are installed
    in a
    metallic raceway between the point of first penetration of the building
    and the first dc disconnect [690.14, 690.31(E)]."

    But I'm not an electrician..
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