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Conductive Carbon paint

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Jefferson O. Siy, Sep 5, 2003.

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  1. Any ideas on how to repair those worn out remote controls? The carbon
    under those rubber keys are just too thin. Maybe there's a way of
    recoating those rubber surfaces. Any ideas?

  2. C Yeung

    C Yeung Guest


    The part number is 195186 and it costs 19.95.

    Best regards!
  3. Bill Bolle

    Bill Bolle Guest

    Rub on some "dry powdered graphite" available in tubes from your local
    hardware store.

  4. john

    john Guest

    Dont use ...........
    "dry powdered graphite:

  5. Bill Bolle

    Bill Bolle Guest

    Why not? I've used that on my remotes and they have lasted longer
    then they did with the original coatings. Don't give a negative reply
    unless you are willing to include your reasons.

  6. Bill Bolle

    Bill Bolle Guest

    Try the powdered graphite------it works!

  7. Bill Bolle

    Bill Bolle Guest

    I apply the graphite by making a small pile of it on a piece of paper,
    sticking the end of a wooden matchstick in it and picking up only
    the amount that sticks to the end of the matchstick. I then rub this
    on the rubber pad until the pad looks shiny. After all pads are
    coated I shake and tap the pad assembly to assure all the loose
    graphite is removed and it's good to go. So far I have no incidence of
    loose graphite floating around in the the remote. This is similar to
    coating the pad with a #2 pencil but I think the pencil lead has some
    sort of filler in it that doesn't make it a good conductor. You can
    spend $20 to fix one remote or spend $3 and fix a thousand of them.


  8. You can buy a new remote for less than $10 at Walmart, K-mart or any
    number of other discount stores.
  9. mike

    mike Guest

    Sure you can, but if it doesn't have the buttons required to operate
    your particular device, you've got a problem.
    Lemmesee...special-1-2-3-enter...I don't think so.

    If you've got a remote with buttons the same size, sometimes you can
    swap the bad button with a less-used function button.

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  10. Andre

    Andre Guest

    Been there, done that :) Worked fine .

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