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Computer to Scart

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Bobby Secker, Jan 23, 2008.

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  1. Bobby Secker

    Bobby Secker Guest

    Is there a coverter that I can use to convert the monitor
    output on my laptop to a scart signal to plug into my TV

    I'm in the UK.

    Is there a circuit I could build or a device I could buy ?


    Stubby Secker.
  2. Palindrome

    Palindrome Guest

    Just to add - if the OP does so, he will find the circuit he wants:

    The electronics is trivial - what tends to be difficult is getting the
    right software settings to produce a reasonable display. Plus, when you
    do so, the result is still disappointing. Many of the settings are not
    only critical, but far from obvious to set.

    That is why the commercial units do far more in hardware, including
    image size adjustment and pan/scroll/zoom functions.

    An option that the OP should consider is not to use the laptop monitor
    out, but buy a USB2 <>video device. This will both produce as good a
    picture on both TV and laptop, simultaneously, but will allow both
    screens to be used as they should - eg working on the laptop screen,
    whilst using the extended desktop on the TV for things like watching
    movies - or simply use as a place to store open documents not currently
    being worked on..
  3. Read information on conversion involved at

    There is information, links to products,
    circuit to build etc..
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