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computer speakers in car question

Discussion in 'General Electronics Discussion' started by abdmj4, May 30, 2013.

  1. abdmj4


    May 27, 2013
    Hi there Had a question about putting computer speakers in my car. didn't find anything like this on the forum so if there is please let me know. Kind of a funny set up I know it will be kind of redundant in the way that the car stereo has an amplifier and the speakers have an amplifier but I want to keep the speakers set so I can use them later and I am just curious if this will work. I have one of those set ups that has a small subwoofer and the two computer speakers coming running form that it says 120v 60Hz/ .75A on the out side. However on the inside it has a part (not sure what it is called, Transformer?) that has two black wires running in from the power cord and two yellow wires running out. It says on it
    INPUT: AC 117 V/60Hz
    OUTPUT: AC 11V/2.5A
    Now I have heard that cars run at 12 - 14V I am wondering would it be possible to wire a resistor resisting 5V to one of the wires bringing that 14V down to 11V and just wire it strait to my car battery with an inline fuse?
    I know it says AC for the output but I already tried connecting the leads to my DC charger with a fuse in between one of the leads and it got really hot but the music came out fine But I don't want to blow up by speakers amp. Any advice would be great thanks.
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